We are official distributors of Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical in Europe since 2015.

You can contact fabric directly to ask about us. We work in wholesale segment a long time.

Professionalism in the production of sports preparations is not the big names and slogans of marketing, but, first of all, the quality in manufacturing and the presence of strict laboratory control. Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd provides product quality control both at the stage of purchasing raw materials, and upon receipt of finished products.

Through high technology and quality service, Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd has earned a worldwide reputation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a leading steroid manufacturer in China.

At the company’s production facilities, employees are highly qualified and are professionals in their field.

To produce products, only high-quality raw materials are used, which makes it possible to produce preparations that meet modern market requirements. Modern equipment complies with the GMP standard.

For a long time on the market, ZPHC products managed to prove themselves only from the best side. Reference, consistent quality, flawless design — this is Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical.

The lineup contains oral and injectable drugs, peptides and growth hormone.

All products are protected against counterfeiting — a security code with a hologram, which can be checked on the website  and safety valves in the form of void holograms, instructions inside the packages.

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